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✨Commission are OPEN✨

Posted by MissMoonified - February 13th, 2020

Eyo! Interested in commissioning me? ✨AWESOME!✨

I’m open to almost anything you can dream up! 💕

I uphold privacy for all those who contact me for a commission, so your dirty little secrets are safe with me~

SFW Demo Reel

NSFW Demo Reel

My Resume (You can find all my info in this document)

Character Voices I Have Done Previously

If interested in hiring me, send me a dm here, or:

On Twitter (where I am most active!)

Thru Email: missmoonified@gmail.com


SFW: 30 cents a word / $30 per minute of animation

NSFW/Fetish: 40 cents a word / $40 per minute of animation

Minimum Price Of $25 Per Commission

🌟Negotiations acceptable on larger scripts/animations (300+ words)🌟

Extra Add Ons

Split Files Fee: 50 cents per every file.

Script Writing Fee: $30 per every 150 words. (About 1 minute of speaking)

Revisions needed thru no fault of my own cost extra! (Ex: you change the script, the script had errors and I read something wrong because of that, etc etc)

I am excited to make something ✨WONDERFUL✨ with you 💕

I also have a patreon, onlyfans, & subscribestar, where you can get access to all my previous audios I have created 💕

(I also have request tiers for requesting cheaper personalized audio on patreon~)



Comments (9)

Any Black Lagoon characters would be interesting.

My commissions are open if you want to make a custom purchase for that sort of audio!

I make money because i moan into a microphone

I mean, it’s true for the nsfw stuff xD

Your res is pretty dope! :)

thanks for loving my comment i hope you like it

Those are great prices if I was not so broke I would be down to take part in that!

ok, i`m guessing porn has gotten way out of hand

lik fr

Maybe I will request a commission some time

Probably for the very attractive character Noire/black heart from the Hyperdimension Neptunia series

But I'll need to think it over though

Another Character I thought of That I could request for you to do could be Farun (Pronounced Fah~Rune) from the Game Conception Plus Maidens of the twelve stars
She is one of the Twelve star maidens she's also a travelling dancer

My commissions are open if you want to pay for this type of script being done :)